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We’re back with the CEO, Timothy Armoo, and COO, Ambrose Cooke, of Fanbytes. A digital marketing company whose current focus is providing influencer marketing through snapchat at scale.

Having scaled their business to 6 figures+ each month lets dive in and get the insights on what it takes to grow a company to that scale.

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Here’s how to use an effective Snapchat ad type to automatically generate snap ads in 10 minutes. In this video I guide you step by step on how to setup and take advantage of Snapchat dynamic ads to drive sales, revenue and profit with Snapchat ads.

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How Much Do Snapchat Ads Cost? Generating $2000 Profit in 7 Days on a Brand New Affiliate Campaign

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How much do Snap Ads cost? Many people think you need lots of money to start testing a new ad platform like Snapchat.

What if you could reach 1000 people for the price of a rotating hot dog at a gas station?

Snapchat is one of the cheapest ad platforms with CPM’s coming in under and Swipe Ups under 8 cents. This can be huge for people in lead generation and e-commerce.

Check out how I leverage Snap’s cheap CPM’s and low competition to generate 00+ in 7 days on a brand new offer. This is an offer with a CPA of .

How to Use Snapchat In Your Marketing Campaigns

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Have you ever thought of using Snapchat for marketing?

Snapchat is more than a camera tool and social media network – it’s also a keyword discovery engine!

Matt McGowan, Director and General Manager of Snap Inc Canada, joins Loren Baker to discuss Snapchat trends and how marketers can reach, influence, and engage millions of Snapchat users.

Aside from discovering and exploring trends that can help you drive better engagement, Matt will share how Snapchat Lenses are the future of augmented reality. This means an evolution of customer engagement for your business.

During this podcast, you’ll learn more about this unique platform and how you can leverage imagery and other customer-engaging features into your marketing.

“Reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. It has empowered people to express themselves, live in the moment, and have fun together.” –Matt McGowan [06:55]

“At the end of the day, it’s all about discovering and exploring trends. You’ll be able to find
what topics perform well on the platform to help you drive better engagement.” –Matt McGowan [19:05]

“Augmented reality is here to stay. It’s a tool that you can use it to help you communicate, it’s a tool you can use for entertainment purposes, and it’s also a utility.” –Matt McGowan [27:02]

[00:00] – A little about Matt
[05:08] – What differentiates Snapchat from competitors?
[08:47] – What is the Discover section?
[09:39] – How movie production studios can use Snapchat for their marketing
[10:29] – How old are Snapchat users?
[13:05] – The core principles that Snap was built upon
[15:54] – How Snapchat is connected to search marketing and content marketing
[18:03] – How Snapchat trends work
[19:52] – Five ways marketers can utilize the data from Snapchat
[20:07] – How you can take advantage of obscure holidays on Snapchat
[24:55] – Google, augmented reality, and Snapchat
[27:55] – Where the new Spectacles come into play
[28:51] – The new scan function
[29:22] – How the camera is becoming more and more powerful
[32:56] – Snapchat’s new software: Lens Studio
[33:28] – Snapchat’s certification programs
[36:13] – Different Snap scenario opportunities for marketing
[45:09] – How the Snapchat Creator Marketplace works
[56:21] – How Loren and Matt first connected in the early days of SEJ

“Because it’s not gonna live forever, because it’s ephemeral, I feel more comfortable in general
sending a picture of me at the moment. It’s not like my best picture. It’s not going to be like you’re not going to find it in search engine results pages at some point in my career. It’s not like I need to get rid of a blemish or change my hair. This is just a picture of me communicating to you, what I’m doing and how I’m feeling.” –Matt McGowan [15:09]

“I can’t think of a faster platform to see something trending than within a tool like Snap. Just the ability to be able to pull that data as a marketer excites me because I can see what people are using from a day-to-day perspective when they’re describing things and writing about things.” –Matt McGowan [17:13]

“Augmented reality is probably the next in the evolution of computing. There’s an evolution of customer engagement in a world where we’re still often home much more than we have been in the past. It connects those flat, boring websites with the consumer in a very engaging fashion.” –Matt McGowan [34:22]

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Connect with Matt McGowan:

Matt is the Director and General Manager of Snap Inc. Canada, the camera company that owns Snapchat. In addition to working at Google, McGowan has held leadership positions at Incisive Media and Adestra. Former New Yorker living in Ontario, Matt has worked alongside entrepreneurs, executives, venture capitalists, and more. Matt has developed his knowledge and skills and become the business professional he is today through working with these professionals.

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Snapchat Rolls Out New Features for Marketers and Creators

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On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, Jeff Sieh and Grace Duffy explore new product innovations, major content deals, and collaborations on Snapchat with our special guest, Shaun Ayala.

00:00 Intro
17:31 Snapchat Redesigns App, Adds New Snap Map and Stories Features
25:43 Updated Camera And Augmented Reality Experiences
39:39 Snapchat Aims To Educate Marketers With ‘Snap Focus’ Classes
45:25 Snapchat Announces New Content Deals and Programming
51:45 Snapchat Debuts Round of New Developer Tools: Camera kit, Snap Minis, and Dynamic Lenses

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Snapchat Marketing – How to generate traffic and sales

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Snapchat marketing is the next big thing in social media. Is your business ready to take advantage of this enormous opportunity?

Snapchat Marketing for Brands: An Influencers Guide

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Looking for a way to use SnapChat to diversify your marketing proposals when working with brands? This step-by-step video tutorial will walk you through the easy, yet effective process. Read the full post:

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Snapchat Advertising Pro-Tips For Small Biz Success

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Get your FREE 0 in Snapchat Ads credit here:
*Ad credit is available for redemptions from Dec 1-15th, 2019. The credit will only be available for 14 days from the time a user creates a new account. This offer is for new ad accounts only

With ad costs on other social ad platforms skyrocketing, it might be time to try something new! Snapchat has introduced their new Instant Create self-serve ad platform which makes it easy for small businesses like yours to get in on the action. But is Snapchat the right platform for you and your ideal customers?

In this video, I’ll help you decide if it’s a good fit, and what kinds of ads work best on the platform. And with a 0 ads credit, you can get started and see how well it works for yourself!

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Snapchat Marketing

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Snapchat is taking the video world by storm! And it’s super easy to use and engage your audience. Get started with Snapchat marketing with these beginner tips from myself and another awesome Snapchatter Ben Phillips!

Snapchat Marketing Small Business Jump Start Checklist:

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How To Use Snapchat Business Account | Secret Snapchat Marketing Tips by Appy Pie Academy

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