How to use Twitter Advanced Search for marketing (Twitter tips and tricks for marketing)
Learn how to use Twitter Advanced Search for marketing! #ChiaExplains how to use Twitter Advanced Search operators to (1) identify your most engaging tweets and (2) find the best audience who would benefit the most from your Twitter content.

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#ChiaExplains how to use Twitter Advanced Search for marketing

00:00 Intro
00:40 How to identify your most engaging tweets
◾️ By hashtags 👉
◾️ By account 👉
03:16 How to find tweets by location
◾️ Combine Twitter Advanced Search commands to find extra specific tweets and reach the most relevant audience possible 👉
04:07 How to find tweets by language
04:50 How to find tweets by assets like images

Creator & host: Chia-Luen Lee

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Hey, it’s Chia from Brand24 and… I recently got a request from you guys to share a few more Twitter Advanced Search operators, so that’s what I’m going to do today… we’ll go over a couple Advanced Search commands inside this video, including some tips on how to use Twitter Advanced Search for marketing.

Now, since we’re focusing on Twitter for marketing, we’re going to cover some Advanced Search commands that will help us (1) identify our top tweets (so we can see what’s been working for us) as well as (2) find a more specific audience that would benefit the most from our content.

So, if you’re a social media manager or small business owner who uses Twitter for marketing, you want to know what kind of content gets the biggest response from your audience. This means that you need to identify your most engaging tweets, both in terms of your hashtags as well as your Twitter account, and there are a couple ways to do this.

So, the easiest way is to just track your hashtags inside a media monitoring app like Brand24. Then, you can automatically see a list of the most engaging tweets from your hashtag campaign (or for any hashtags that you’re tracking) right inside the app. You can also find a lot of other data too, like: (1) you can see the total number of tweets for that hashtag, (2) you can measure your social media reach, and (3) you can also analyze the sentiment of those tweets, and more…

But if you don’t need to analyze or measure any data and you don’t need any numbers; you just want to find specific tweets, then you can also try Twitter Advanced Search. I recommend doing this on your laptop instead of your phone, because then you can use the Advanced Search form, which you can find on “” — I’ll put a direct link to the Twitter Advanced Search form in the Video Description box below, so you can bookmark it and you don’t have to memorize this right now. I’ll also go over some hidden Advanced Search commands in this video, to help you find information that cannot be found using the form.

Now, from the Twitter Advanced Search form, to find the most engaging tweets for your account, just scroll down to “Accounts” and under “From these accounts”, enter your Twitter username. THEN, scroll down to “Engagement” and this is where you can pull up tweets that got at least a certain number of Replies, Likes and Retweets. I’m going to enter 1 as the minimum amount for each of these, so we can see tweets that got at least 1 reply, 1 like and 1 retweet, or more. You can put in any numbers you want, this is just an example.

One reason why I recommend using your laptop instead of your smartphone to do Twitter Advanced Search is because you can’t access the Advanced Search form within the mobile app. However, you can enter advanced Twitter search commands manually in the app — and in some cases you have to because you won’t find everything you need on the form. So, to run the same search that we just did through the form, you would enter this command inside the Twitter search bar: “From:YourUsername min_replies:1 min_faves:1 min_retweets:1”. This command basically tells Twitter that we want to see tweets from that username with a minimum of 1 reply, 1 like and 1 retweet. You can sub higher numbers to narrow down your most engaging tweet, or even enter different usernames, like your competitors, to see how they’re engaging…

… more tips on how to use Twitter Advanced Search for marketing inside the video!
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